Your favorite activity is bicycle riding? Or maybe you love hiking? Then a small group tour would be great for you. Independent travelling has is pros. Mainly you are not limited by other people and their needs. You can go wherever and whenever you want, but also you must remember that this type of expeditions can be expensive. A small group tour can give you additional savings. How you can organize small group tours? How to gather all the interested in them people?


Organize it yourself or choose a travel agency

Firstly when organizing a small group holiday, you should decide, if you would like to create it on your own or select an offer from travel agency. The second option is much more comfortable for small group tours, because you just look through the catalogues and pick the trip that suit you. Also many travel agencies can make a small group tour especially for their clients. You can select the destination, type of activity, accommodation and means of transport just to state the most important. You will not have to worry about booking hotels, flights and other organizational matters. What about the prices for such small group tours? To find the most attractive you should firstly look through them in few travel agencies and then compare prices for small group tours.


If you would like to organize small group holiday individually, then you have to remember about all previous stated matters such as accommodation or transport which fill fit all the sporting equipment you want to take with you. Also a small group tour should have an insurance. Online you can find many helpful tips and advice on how to organize a small group tour for active people who like different types of sports.


How to finds travel mates?

If you don’t have travel mates to accompany you on your small group tour, then you can start looking for them in the internet. There are a lot of travel communities online, forums, blogs that can be useful. You can join them right now and find a good travel buddy. Only you will have to create online a small group tour, make a description of the excursion and invite people. If the offer would be interesting in a few days you can complete mates for a small group tour. Also small group tours can be gathered on social networks.


To summarize, small group tours are not very complicated to arrange even if it must be done without help from the travel agencies. You can find online many tips on how to create small group tours, where and when to go, you can even gather people who will go in the excursion with you. Internet will also help organize small group tours by booking online flights, finding suitable accommodation, creating interesting tours in the region, finding also interesting places to visit. You can not only spend time on your activities – bicycle touring, hiking, bike riding, rafting and many, many others, but also you can meet many interesting people who share the same hobby with you. The first trip together may be a very successful beginning for a longer friendship.