Greatest exotic trips for groups are waiting for you!

Do you want to go to an exotic country? Perhaps you dream of travelling to the Caribbean, Thailand or Bali? These are just a few suggestions, because there are many more. The world is full of enchanting places that await you. Now you can get to know them even easier when you choose exotic trips in the group with TravelTeam!

Cheap holidays for groups – save money on travel

Not everyone likes to pay much for traveling. Not everyone has enough money to visit a variety of places. In that case, however, we do not have to give up our dreams, because we can select exceptional cheap holidays for groups. That way we can pay even less and have some really great fun. Now, cheap tours for groups are also available online – together with TravelTeam you can choose the best deal for yourself or create your own trip that will be one of a kind!

Group travel to USA? Why not?!

Many people dream about travelling to USA – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle – the possibilities are endless! Also a group travel to usa can give you a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, feel the atmosphere of USA which is truly unique! So how to group travel to usa and pay as less as possible?   Flight will be expensive Unfortunately, a group travel to usa will be more expensive than travelling across Europe or locally – the costs mainly consist of transportation. So when group travelling to usa you should search for a cheap flight. Not all airline operators

How to find a good travel partner?

As lifetime traveler you should probably know that finding travel partners can be difficult. It is the best to have friends sharing with you the same activities but not always it is possible. How then find travel partners who can travel with you across the world?   Find travel partner on the web None of your friends are interested in travelling? Then finding travel partners doesn’t have to be that complicated. Now you can use many of travelling sites on the web – forums, travel communities and also sites which enable can help you find travel partners. Of course, you have to remember

Group holidays – how to organize it the cheapest way?

People going on vacation with travel agents certainly know that as a single they will pay more than a couple. In tourism applies the principle - the more participants of the group holidays, the less you pay. That's why group holiday is one of the popular options for lower-priced relax.   How to not pay a lot for accommodation and transport? Most of the benefits of group holidays appear in terms of accommodation and transport. Means of transportation are important in the field of travel, not just for the group holiday, but, for example, business or school matters.   These

Making a profile as a travel buddy

Today many of us spend time on the internet searching for someone to travel with. Getting a travel buddy online is much more easy, also you have a great opportunity to find new friends. You can go to different sites presenting travel buddies. First of all you should see local sites helping with finding travel buddies. You can search also those who are international. These are the best if you would like to find a travel buddy in another country. But before you will start looking through potential travel mates, you must make your own account on selected site. How to make a travel companion profile

Travel forums – helpful hints for travelling

Looking for a place that will help you in travelling? Do you want to exchange information on your excursions with other people? A good travel forum would be the answer. There are a lot of travel forums online, you can either look for them in your native language or can participate in the ones on which other languages are used more often. When to visit travel forums? What type on information can be found on such sites?   Travel forum – for keen on travelling If travelling is your hobby, you want to learn as much as possible on other countries, then travel forum can help you. You

Finding a travel buddy via the internet

You would like to buy an excursion from a travel agent but travelling alone is much more expensive? If you do not have a travel buddy like a friend or relative, you can find someone online. It is not that difficult and you can find many travel buddies who will help you fulfill your dreams regarding travelling all across the world. So, how to find a travel buddy online?   Travel buddies social networks Most of the sites which will help you find travel buddies are social networks. They can be joined with Facebook or Twitter, which makes their usage much more easier and also reliable. You

Trips with friends – where and how?

Bored in home? When the sun if shining and the weather is sweet you always can go for a trips with friends! But where to go? If you don’t have any idea where and how to organize such trips, a lot of advice awaits for you in the web. Also there are sites that are provided just to prepare a trip with friends – not only those well-known but also new travel buddies from all around the world!   A trip with friends can give you much fun and also can be a great way of getting to know each other better. Many trips with friends can give you extraordinary memories but only when the excursions

Trip partners – going to the same places? Pay less!

Travelling to different countries alone can be expensive. If you would like to pay less for your holidays, maybe you should find yourself a trip partner?   Meet new travelers Finding travel buddies online is today a popular mean to pay less for excursions. Also a trip partner can turn out to be a great friend! Firstly you should find a good travel site and register on it. You can view many trip partners also without logging in the site, but if you would like to use one of it, you should register and create your own account as a trip partner.   In your profile you should

How to calculate costs when travelling with a trip buddy?

When you do not have any friends who would like to travel with you, you can find someone willing to online. Many travel sites can help you find a trip buddy who will have the same interests as you. Many travelers from across the world are seeking for trip buddies online and they even create their own communities. A large group is ideal for travelling – it means less costs, more fun and an opportunity to meet other people!   Finding travel companions online is easy! When you want to find a trip buddy for your dream trips, you should start by browsing many different travel sites.

Travel buddy finders – how to use them?

Travelling solo can be much more expensive than travelling with companions. That is why websites like travel buddy finders are so popular. How you can find someone interesting to travel with on sites like travel buddy finder? Is it safe and how to join these types of sites?   Many travel sites have a travel buddy finder – it’s an website utility similar to social networks. You have to make your account and fill your profile with information regarding yourself such as where you live, how old are you, what are your favorite activities, where would you like to go and so on. A travel

Low cost travel – how to pay less for accommodation?

Often, one of the highest costs of travel, in addition to transport, is a B&B. For those who are searching for cheap group trips, a five-star hotel in the center of the city will not be the best option. But most of famous tourist destinations are good for cheap group trips and can provide affordable accommodation. That way a cheap group trip will be even easier!   Accommodations suited for you Where to stay, if the goal is to have cheap group trips? First of all, take a look at the cheap hotels, hostels and private accommodation. There is a full range of options, cheap group trips

Cheap ways to air travel – how not to overpay?

If for you flying airplanes associate only with the high cost of tickets, you're wrong! Today there are cheap ways to travel and flying is not really expensive, and if only can find some interesting deals, you can get in a lot of places cheaper than any other mode of transport. What is the cheap way to travel by airplanes?   Purchase tickets online A trip to a travel agency to buy a ticket there? Those days are over and it is not a cheap way to travel. Now you can purchase tickets online and it is a lot cheaper way to travel with many different airlines.   If you are looking

Join a trip with travel mates online

None of your friend have time for travelling with you? You can’t find perfect travel buddies in your family? You should look for travel mates online! Now many people choose to follow their dream travels just like that. On the internet you can find many interesting sites dedicated to finding travel mates. How to they work and how can you find a travel mate on the internet?   Like-minded travel mates Sites that can help you find travel buddies are accessible for everybody, but some of them are closed travel communities. If you would like to find a perfect travel mate for you, you

Planning small group trips

Do you want to plan an excursion for you and your friends? Small group trips can give you much fun, also with the family. You can go to travel agencies to book group trips for everybody, but also you can organize them on your own. How to plan a small group trip? We present useful tips – with them it will be easier for you to make a perfect group trip even to the end of the world. A group trips always need pre-planning and more logistics than independent travelling. Also it can be cheaper, because flights, bus tickets, accommodation in hotels or other places for a group has always more discounts.   When

How does group travel work?

If you want to pay less for your vacation, then you can use a method, that now is very popular and it’s popularity is day by day expanding - group travel. Travelling with a big group can be also a very interesting way to meet new people. How does group travelling work? When group travel would be the best idea for a vacation?   Group travel discounts All travel agencies can give their customers more affordable prices for travelling because they are based on group travel. This is why you will pay less for travelling with your family and friends then alone. Also group travel can be

Business small group travel

Cheaper travel is one in which more people involved. Therefore, group travels are the optimal form for the a vacation, but not only. Also, such travels are prepared when it comes to all kinds of business events - social events, symposia, conferences and fairs. How to organize a small group travel that it was will guarantee the low price and comfort for the participants?   Small group travel - a travel agency domain Travel agencies are specializing in mainly small group travel and they are able to provide a comprehensive service in this field. Therefore, small group travels are the

Convenient escorted group travel

Looking for a good holiday? An escorted group travel would suit your need when you don’t want to worry about organizing anything. Today escorted group travels are purchased eagerly but also it is not a type of trip which will be great for everybody. Mainly escorted group travels are addressed to those who would like to go on a relaxing vacation, for example to popular seaside resorts. But also escorted group travel can be an adventure travel – everyone can choose something that will suit their needs.   How to purchase a package tour? Package tours because escorted group travels

Cheaper travelling with travel partners

You always wanted to go on an adventurous trip but no one wanted to go with you? Finding travel partners could be difficult ten year ago, but now it is less complicated! First of all, there are a lot of internet sites that can you help find travel partners – you should definitely find them out. Why travel partners are such a good idea and are sought by many? Mainly because travelling alone is much more expensive, but also other reasons apply. Some people searching for a travel partner for themselves do not want to travel alone and want to meet new interesting people. Let us focus right here mostly

Travel companions online – find someone and travel together!

You can find many different travel sites on the web which concentrate mainly on searching for good travel companions. But how to find a good site and more – how to find a perfect travel companion? If you always dreamt of going on a long trip to Asia or of a bike tour around your country but no one from your friends wanted to go with you, searching for travel companions online can be the answer. So how to find a travel companion safely and make the trip a great time?   Find a good site for searching travel companions Many travel sites can help you find travel companions but also

Finding travel mates who share your interests

You would like to go on a holiday but your friends don’t have enough money or do not share the same interests as you? In that case you should find travel mate for travelling even across the world! How to find travel mates and do it safely?   Look for them online Now many people who want to find travel mate look for them online. It’s the easiest solution because you can quickly browse through many profiles of travel companions. You can find travel mates on many different sites – you should firstly check out local sites. If you wish to find travel mate online, you have to remember

Find a find travel buddy for an expedition around the world

Not everyone would like to go on his vacation alone. Also package holidays from travel agents are usually directed to a minimum of two people, and wanting to go alone, you have to pay more! That's why ads like “I want to find travel buddy” are so popular. Today, finding travel buddy both to travel around the country and around the world are not at all difficult! There are even websites that will help you when looking for a travel companion.   It is the best to go on a dream journey with a trusted person. Therefore, if you want to find travel mate, you should firstly ask your friends

Crate your own trip from scratch

Most of the people who want to go on a vacation firstly search the travel agencies. A good travel package will consist of everything what needed. That type of small group trips are also very comfortable. From the catalogue you can find something that suits you and other participants of the excursion. But also small group trips can be created from the scratch to fulfill all your needs.   Today a great number of travel lovers, especially ones who use the web for searching interesting information on travelling, prefer to plan their trips individually – either small group trips or independent Read more

Group travel to Europe – selecting a coach tour

Europe has many magical sites – not only big cities, but also small provincial towns with a unique atmosphere hidden in the wonderful sights. All tours to Europe can be fascinating! This is a great option especially for those wishing to explore the Old Continent - group travel to europe show the history, the culture of countries that you visit, the natural heritage. Only which travels to europe would be the best?   Coach tours The ideal solution for people who are keen on complex group travel to europe are couch tours. Thanks to them you can visit one country or region, driving

What are adventure tours?

Lying on the beach is not the type of activity which suits you? Maybe adventure tours would be more interesting! You can today find without no problem an adventure tour that will suit you completely. Where can you book adventure tours? How much do they cost? What really is adventure travelling?   Adventure travel When you want to have a great adventure, then adventure tours could be an interesting idea. Adventure travel is a type of tourism which mainly involves exploration exotic areas. Even adventure trips can lead to more hostile areas. Now adventure tours are really popular, many

How to make your vacation more affordable?

Saving for dream vacation can take a lot of time. If you want to spend not as much money on travelling, then maybe you should get yourself a travel mate?   It is a well-known fact, travelling alone can be much more expensive. Without a travel mate you must pay more for accommodation but not only. If you would only look into some catalogues of travel agencies, you will find that many of presented offers are calculated for two or more. This is why many people, who want to travel without a travel mate, choose to organize their vacation on their own. It is the best option to choose something

Escorted group tour or a self-guided tour?

Some people like to view historical monuments and interesting places during their holidays on their own. Other prefer escorted group tour. Those options all have their pros and cons and if you would like to go on a holiday, you should firstly make up your mind whether to go on an escorted group tour or by yourself. What are escorted group tours? If you are wondering what are escorted group tours, here’s a brief explanation. An escorted group tour is a tour which bases on escorting travelers to various destinations. Also escorted group tours are known as package tours. Such group tours are

Plan your group travel to Asia online

Would you like to visit Asia – India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand? Asia with it exotic climate, many interesting historical monuments, great sights is today very popular among tourists. The cheapest way to visit Asian countries is to choose group travel to asia. How you can organize group travels to asia? Or maybe it would be a better idea to group travel to asia with tour operators buying a tour package? To start planning a group travel to asia, you should firstly think about the places you would like to visit and then about gathering a group of travel buddies. Also you

Cheap trips – a dream vacation with less costs

You associate holiday trips only with high-spending? It does not have to be that way - today everyone can enjoy cheap group travel! You can find ideal cheap group travels in travel agencies and, in addition, you can always let your imagination run wild and prepare your perfect escapade on your own. Cheap trips with travel agencies To pay the least, you must know where to look for cheap group travels. Let's look at offers from many travel agencies – you can then find a cheap group travel easily while comparing prices. When planning a trip to the countries popular among tourists, such as Greece,

Cheaper group travel to Africa

When you would like to visit African countries, you should gather a group of people who are willing to do the same thing. A group travel to africa can be much less expensive! Safaris, adventure tours, bathing and sun tanning, sightseeing – Africa has a lot to show to everybody interested in travelling, meeting new people, learning new things. How to organize a group travel to africa? Is it better to create an expedition on your own or to choose group travels to africa from travel agencies? Travel packages – comfortable but also more expensive Mainly group travelling to africa means buying

How about a group travel to Australia?

Australia, a country located on the Australian continent, giving you many interesting ways of adventuring, sightseeing, relaxing. No wonder group travel to australia is so popular! But group travelling to australia from other continents can be problematic, so how it should be organized? How to pay less for group travel to australia? If visiting Australia is one of your dreams, then it’s worth knowing! How to gather a group for a trip to Australia? Also it is important to gather an appropriate group for group travel to australia. When you have friends willing to travel with you, there’s

Ways to travel across world

Is your dream since childhood was to travel around the world? In that case, you should think about its realization. Of course, travelling across world is quite a high cost, but there are ways to organize it cheaper. How to fulfill this dream and travel across world? Travel across world with the most convenient travel agency When planning to travel across world, you can take advantage of the offers of travel agencies – they sell trips of this kind in different versions. You can travel across world as quickly as possible - you can visit a number of countries in one month, but they are also

Active small group tours

Your favorite activity is bicycle riding? Or maybe you love hiking? Then a small group tour would be great for you. Independent travelling has is pros. Mainly you are not limited by other people and their needs. You can go wherever and whenever you want, but also you must remember that this type of expeditions can be expensive. A small group tour can give you additional savings. How you can organize small group tours? How to gather all the interested in them people? Organize it yourself or choose a travel agency Firstly when organizing a small group holiday, you should decide, if you would

How to safely travel with friends?

Many people travel with their relatives, but also some of us prefer to travel with close friends. For years travelling with friends was the best pastime, now also many of us like to visit different places with friends. But also we should bear in mind, that travel with friends can also have some drawbacks. First of all if you want to travel with friends in a larger group, you should remember that picking a quarrel would be much more easy. Also travelling with mates must be well organized so as to every person would be satisfied. Moreover, when you want to travel with friends, you should know how

Travel communities online

Do You always dreamt of worldwide travelling? A travel community could help you fulfill your dreams! Today many od travelers join travel communities. On the internet you can find a lot of sites for those who love travelling. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, know more also find for yourself travel mates if you do not want to travel alone. Many countries have their own travel communities, also worldwide one exist, but it is a lot easier to search something in a native language. But if you know other languages, you should also check foreign travel communities for many useful and interesting

Travelling alone or with a group?

Single travelers pay more for their vacations. Travel agencies give more discounts to groups of travelers. So what to choose – a group tour or an independent travel? Of course, it all depends on what is your character, because there are persons, that only prefer group tours, but for others it is not comfortable, also when the group consists of people they don’t know. So is group tour really a good idea? Travelling alone is more expensive but more rewarding also If during your excursions you pay attention mainly to sightseeing, learning new things, visiting museums and you like a quiet relax,