When you would like to visit African countries, you should gather a group of people who are willing to do the same thing. A group travel to africa can be much less expensive! Safaris, adventure tours, bathing and sun tanning, sightseeing – Africa has a lot to show to everybody interested in travelling, meeting new people, learning new things. How to organize a group travel to africa? Is it better to create an expedition on your own or to choose group travels to africa from travel agencies?


Travel packages – comfortable but also more expensive

Mainly group travelling to africa means buying a travel package – a package tour it consists of accommodation and transport and is sold by tour operators. You can also choose other services with it such as car rental, sport activities during your holidays. Such group travels to africa are based chiefly on relaxation in seaside resorts, safaris, sightseeing.


Also you can go with tour operators on group travels to africa which focus on adventuring – you can go mountaineering, hiking, bicycle riding and can learn more about the cultural heritage of many African countries, meet their natives. This type of group travel to africa is more active and therefore not suitable for everyone. If you prefer relaxation, you should purchase a group travel to africa of different type.


Organizing the trip

When group travel to africa as a packaged tour is an answer that do not satisfy you, there is always an option of organizing the excursion by yourself. An independent group travel to africa if a good idea when you want to prepare an excursion suitable for you and you travel buddies. Similar group travels to africa also can be made by tour operators – in this case you must state what type of activities you like, where would you like to travel and the travel agent will prepare an offer just for you. This type of group travelling to africa is more convenient and takes less time while organizing but also it is more expensive.


You can create a group travel to africa by your own which will cost you less and you do not have to sign any contracts and pay money to agencies. But it requires a lot of time to book and plan everything so this type of group travelling to africa is only dedicated to who really think they will manage with it.


Firstly you should start looking for flights and accommodation. To make a group travel to africa less expensive you should be looking for bargain flights. Booking them a few months in advance can make the price even a half less or more! For accommodation you should look in hotels, hostels who have a good reputation. You can find many useful information on this on the web.


So group travelling to africa does not have to be expensive. You can easily find cheap accommodation, flights and book them yourself but if you would like to have a more comfortable vacation, find a good package tour from tour operators. You will pay more but you will receive an excursion which will fulfill all of your dreams and will give you a lot of fun and adventure.