Some people like to view historical monuments and interesting places during their holidays on their own. Other prefer escorted group tour. Those options all have their pros and cons and if you would like to go on a holiday, you should firstly make up your mind whether to go on an escorted group tour or by yourself.


What are escorted group tours?

If you are wondering what are escorted group tours, here’s a brief explanation. An escorted group tour is a tour which bases on escorting travelers to various destinations. Also escorted group tours are known as package tours. Such group tours are sold by travel agents, tours operators from all over the world. You can choose an appropriate escorted group tour suitable for you.


Also you will need to remember that escorted group tours are more expensive then self-made excursions. All in all you receive a comfortable offer and you don’t have to worry about booking flights, accommodation and organizing activities. So escorted group tours will be the best for people who would like to have a tour without having to prepare it for themselves.


How about self-guided tours?

A self-guided tour is a tour on which you can navigate a route on your own – these types of tours are opposed to escorted group tours. You can choose which tourist attraction you will want to see, also you can get to many destinations by your own vehicles if the tour will be local. If you are planning a trip to another country, you will have to book flights or bus or train tickets, find yourself a perfect accommodation and remember about other important tourist formalities such as visas, currency, vaccinations if you want to see more exotic places.


Self-guided tours are better for those who would like to travel on their own or for those who prefer viewing places not stated in tourist guides. All escorted group tours concentrate on popular tourist attractions so that is a problem for those who would like to know more about certain places. An escorted group tour can show you less but, as it was stated before it is also more comfortable. If you want to organize a tour for a bigger group, you should look for bargains – cheap flights, accommodation and remember that a low price is only for those in larger groups so you will need a couple of travel companions.


What to choose?

So if you would like a convenient excursion with no worrying about booking hotels an escorted group tour would be a great idea for you. Also when you would like to concentrate on relaxation in seaside resorts an escorted group tour would be good. If you are more of an individualist escorted group tours won’t be good for you. Instead you should organize a trip by yourself so as it would suit you the best. Also that type of tours are recommended for those who would like to pay less for travelling - escorted group tours can be more expensive. If you would like to pay less for your holiday, you should either find a last minute escorted group tour or plan your vacation from scratch.


So the choice largely depends on your financial capabilities or on your preferred type of spending time during vacations.