If you want to pay less for your vacation, then you can use a method, that now is very popular and it’s popularity is day by day expanding - group travel. Travelling with a big group can be also a very interesting way to meet new people. How does group travelling work? When group travel would be the best idea for a vacation?

Group travel discounts
All travel agencies can give their customers more affordable prices for travelling because they are based on group travel. This is why you will pay less for travelling with your family and friends then alone. Also group travel can be organized without travel agencies. Of course, it requires a lot of work, takes time, but you can make an excursion, that will be the best for you and your travel mates.
How many people need to be to group travelling cheaper? There is no way to tell just like that, because it depends on many things – every group is different, but if there will be more people, the prices will drop more. Generally speaking, group travel is at least 10 people in many travel agencies, but also you can make a great vacation with 5 colleagues.
If you will travel with a group, you can pay less for plane tickets, especially on cheap airlines. Also group travel means more attractive prices in hostels, hotels and for other types of accommodation. You can pay less also for travelling by buses, trains, going to museum, art galleries and so on.

Group travel with travel agencies
The most popular form of group travelling is this one, that is organized with travel agents, just as it was stated before. This type of group travel can take you practically everywhere, for example to exotic Turkey or to Scandinavia – ideas are limitless. There is not only an option for group travelling with selecting excursions from the catalogue. Also you can make group travels only for your group of relatives or even there is an option for seeing the world with travel buddies that you can find online.
Also online you can find great ideas for group travel, internet forums that can show you, how to organize everything just on your own. However, if you will want to make your dream vacation all by yourself, you should remember, that it takes a lot of time. For example, you will have to find the perfect accommodation, book it, find tourist attractions, check prices in museums, get visas and make many other things. That makes group travelling more troublemaking, but also it can be a very rewarding thing if you will do everything individually without no help from other people.
To summarize, group travelling can get you lower prices for accommodation, transport such as flights or buses, also you can pay less for many tickets and of course you will have a good time with new friends or with the ones you know for many years. Group travelling can be thoroughly organized by travel agencies but you can also take the burden on yourself and book all the flights, hostels and so on. This takes more time but also you can adjust the excursions to your needs and additionally it is a way to pay less for travelling.