Often, one of the highest costs of travel, in addition to transport, is a B&B. For those who are searching for cheap group trips, a five-star hotel in the center of the city will not be the best option. But most of famous tourist destinations are good for cheap group trips and can provide affordable accommodation. That way a cheap group trip will be even easier!
Accommodations suited for you
Where to stay, if the goal is to have cheap group trips? First of all, take a look at the cheap hotels, hostels and private accommodation. There is a full range of options, cheap group trips fans will be able to select something perfect.
Hostels are a good deal for those who do not mind dorm rooms – in the hostel you pay for a bed, not a room, so amateurs of such low fares can be accommodated with others. When you will need more comfort, you might want to choose hotels. There will no problem because you can fit the perfectly in cheap group trips. Mainly worth checking out are hotels outside the city center, where prices are more attractive. Those who organize cheap group trips, often choose private accommodation, farmhouses.
A maximum cheap group trip will be sleeping under the stars - just bring a tent (although there are those who in good weather take nothing more than a sleeping bag), but you should check about how that form of accommodation are dealt with in the country. Such cheap group trip will be great in Nordic countries, but in many other countries you can get a ticket for sleeping in a tent in a place not intended for this.

People choosing cheap group trips on their own will have to book their accommodation. In your own country, it's no problem, it requires just a phone to book places for a cheap group trip, but accommodation also can be booked online in an increasing number of lodging place (you may need to transfer payments). Also, cheap group trip enthusiasts will find that way something good abroad – booking online is especially recommended for people with poor language skills. It is easier to fill out a form in another language, with a handy glossary or dictionary online than have a conversation.

Cheap package tours
For those who do not have the time for self-organization for cheap group trips, a good solution would be a travel agent - with him you can also travel cheaper. You should pay attention to the last minute holidays or buy excursions as soon as possible. The key to a cheap group trip is carefully checking many different offers to find something just right for your pocket. Most accommodation is in hotels or guest houses.
If you are going by yourself, to keep low prices choose another person for a cheap group trip. Travel agencies, unfortunately, in most cases have higher prices on package tours for singles. You can search for travel companions online – there are even special sites that will allow you to find a good travel buddy for a cheap group trip and maybe also a good friend with whom you would be travelling to many different places from now on. Check it out!