Single travelers pay more for their vacations. Travel agencies give more discounts to groups of travelers. So what to choose – a group tour or an independent travel? Of course, it all depends on what is your character, because there are persons, that only prefer group tours, but for others it is not comfortable, also when the group consists of people they don’t know. So is group tour really a good idea?


Travelling alone is more expensive but more rewarding also

If during your excursions you pay attention mainly to sightseeing, learning new things, visiting museums and you like a quiet relax, then group tours would not be a good idea for you. Of course, you can buy an excursion from a travel agent, but the group tour will do not indicate that you will have to spend your time with other people. If a group tour would consist of your relatives, colleagues, it will be more problematic.


Independent travel is also better then group tours because you can solve all your problems on your own, you can go whenever you want. If you will need help, you’ll get it from local people. Also connection to the internet can be helpful – online you can find travel tips, maps, useful information regarding phones, addresses, places worth visiting and so on. Travelling alone can give you also more confidence, it can even change the way you look at life!


Group tours are not good for people that are strong individual types. When travelling with other people, you will need to look at the schedule, you can’t stay for more than specific time in one place, because the group tour will go on. You can stay in your favorite places, go anywhere you want.


Of course, group tours are more comfortable. You don’t have to book everything alone, it takes less time, because you only have to pay for the excursion. If you do not prefer group tours, you have to select appropriate flights, accommodation. Also, as it was stated on the beginning, group tour is less expensive. If you want to travel independently, you need more money, but there are some ideas for paying less such as sleeping in a tent or hitchhiking.


Group tours – when select them?

If you want to pay less for travelling, group tour will be the best. You can chose an offer from a travel agency but also there is another option – organizing group tour in the group. As it was mentioned, it takes time, but you can perfectly adjust the type of your vacations to your needs. You can meet many new people, but there is a flaw in travelling with relatives and friends – everyone can have different opinions, desired, arguing is more experienced, so you will have to bear this in mind.


It is tough to say, what is better - group tours or travelling alone. Every person has different need, for one group travelling can be a dream come true, others want do focus on independent sightseeing. To know what will be the best for you, you will have to try both group tours and travelling alone – in that way you will get new points of view and then you can choose the most suitable form of travelling for you.